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Mar 19, 2005
Hi !
To everyone with cushings and addisons what test actually diagnosed you? Was anyone diagnosed from simply a 8 am blood cortisol? And do you believe the blood or saliva tests to be more accurate?
P.s. Has anyone ever noticed how many dogs are diagnosed with addisons and cushings? How can that be ?? Do animals have different testing?
Re: Testing
Mar 20, 2005
Saliva testing can be good especially if it is done around midnight. But coupled with that you'd also need a 24 hour urine, some midnight blood draws (to establish a disruption of the diurnal rythm) and other assorted tests - all that is for Cushing's. Serum cortisol is useless and should only be used to monitor levels post-op.

As for Addison's you'd need an ACTH stim. Also a low serum cortisol is telling.

I had Cushing's and now have Addison's (due to removal of adrenal glands). Should you have questions, lay them on me.

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