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Thank you all for your replies.

I did post my results on the thyroid board and got a copy of the report and compared the results on online hypothyroid sites, and it appears my thyroid results are ideal. I had a TSh and a Free T4.

The supplements I was talking about are derived from adrenal cells. I worry about ones from bovine sources (mad cow), but Dr. Wilson's are supposedly from porcine sources.

I didn't know you could get cortisol tests online. How much did that cost you? I assume it was a saliva test, since it is D-I-Y?
Hi Sneezydiva:

I checked over on the Thyroid board and didn't notice any FT4 and FT3 results posted. Frankly, I was surprised that someone there thought thyroid wasn't your problem, given that you had no FT3 or FT4 results posted. It's important to also have FT3 levels checked too. You mentioned you had FT4 tested (although I couldn't find it) - what were you basing your "normal" values on? The lab test?

If you can't get the FT3 test through your doctor (and you'd like to figure it out one way or the other) you can purchase them online for $75 - searching for "comprehensive thyroid panel II" should give you the site.

If you go the cortisol saliva route, it might be an idea to get the correct thyroid tests too. Often thyroid and adrenal problems go hand in hand.

One note of caution on the saliva tests though. In the process of adrenal fatigue, you go from high cortisol levels and then they progressively drop over the next while until they reach "low" levels. At some point, you'll have "normal" cortisol levels on the way down, even though you're well into the process of adrenal fatigue. That's what happened to me 2 years ago. My cortisol came back normal, but as of my last saliva cortisol test, it's apparent that my AM and PM levels have dropped further into the low normal range. The lab told me this could happen.

Sometimes results lie.... ;)

Good luck getting some answers.

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