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[QUOTE=sneezydiva]Hi, I'm usually on the allergy board, but I have just read Dr. James Wilson's book, Adrenal Fatigue. I feel like he wrote that book just for me. I scored 161-severe adrenal fatigue. I have had tons of blood work done, my thyroid etc.. were all normal. My doctor most likely will not run the neccesary adrenal tests, as I am in the military healthcare, so I know they will think this is a fad diagnosis. I really feel I have this condition, and I already started the recommended vitamins, and feel somewhat better. I want to try the adrenal extracts, but I am a little hesitant. I know this is mostly an Addison's board, but does anyone here have any experience with them? Did they help you? Any side effects?[/QUOTE]
It would be a really good idea to post your thyroid labs on the thyroid board. What many doctors think is "normal" is actaully "abnormal". You want to get TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 tests. My TSH was normal, but my FT3 and FT4 were low.

As for the extracts, I tried Isocort, but got urgent diarrhea from it. Lots of people have success with it. You can take up to 8 pellets/day, but it's best to gradually increase.

There are a couple of websites that carry it if you can't find it in your HFS.


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