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Afer being diagnosed with Addison's in May, 2004, had been taking a low dose of 2.5mg Prednisone along with Florinef, Synthroid, Prempro. Anyway my new Endo comfirmed the diagnosis of Addison's and changed me to 30 mg of Cortef, 20 in the morning and 10 in the afternoon. I took my twenty this morning and have major energy - something really different! What do you think? It seems like a big change to make all at once to me.
Nebraska Lady, The docs read in the text book that we should have 30mg a day. That is what they started me on....45 pounds later I learned from people on addisons forums that the max dose of 30mg might cause weight gain & a puffy face. My endo should have cut my dose when he saw how much I had gained. Anyway I tapered myself slowly by 2.5mg at a time with a couple weeks in between tapers.

With that big a change you should be eating everything in sight. Would have made good sense to start you on 20mg & increase if necessary.

When taking hydrocortisone (like cortef only different fillers) I take 5mg at 6am, get up about 7 or 7:30, take another 5mg, 5mg about noon & 5mg about 5pm. At the moment I am taking 5mg prednisone, split 3 times.

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