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Hi Nebraska Lady!

I'm happy the cortef is working better for you. It seems to be the drug of choice in most cases because it is the most similar to what your own body makes.

One thing to ask your doctor about is the dose he has you on. I think the standard dose to match what your body would make is 20mg of cortef per day. The less you take that still lets you feel good, the better-to avoid side effects like muscle weakness, jt pain, weight gain and osteoporosis. It is easier to start lower and work up than vice versa. My husband is panhypopituitary (his pituitary failed and he has Addison's, too) and he takes 15mg in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. When he gets sick, he increases the dose as needed.

I always hate to read about people who are put on too much and then have to wean back down again. It's painful.

Again, congratulations on the cortef and see if others will weigh in with thoughts on the dosing. You may also want to do a search online about Addison's and cortef and see what doses pop up most frequently. Enjoy the high---I know my husband was walking on a cloud the first day he took his cortef!! He finally felt human again!


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