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I disapeared for a few days...I'm back. I did have an MRI and I was injected with something but just a shot, not an IV...same thing? My TPO was about 4400, 60 is considered high. My thyroid is enlarged. My free T4 was 0.9, 0.8 was low end of normal...this was not OK. My TT4 was not tested nor was my T3, LH, or progesterone. In regards to my pit. I thought usually if it wasn't working either hormones would over produce or under produce but not both, ie high FSH, LH but low ACTH GH. I'm on hold at the moment waiting for my doc appointment plus my gyno. I also talked with Dr. you know him? He offered to help via phone but he would rather work directly with my doc. So first I need to talk to my doc to she if she is open to such an idea. By the way, my DHEA was also very low so I thought I would try taking some and then in 2 weeks ask my gyno to retest. She should also test my FSH, LH pro, test. and estro. It's like no one doc over here can understand anything that involves more than 1 hormone. I need to go to a specialists for each seperate hormone...what a joke. What you said was rather interesting so it makes me wonder about the tumor. However, everything I am going through my mom went through, she got even less help than I am getting. My 2 sisters also had meno before age 45. Is my meno a symptom or a cause?

By the way, is you husband happy with his doc? Would you recommend him? What is his name and where is he located. I'm running out of endo's over here...I've been to 3 already. However, with each endo I get 1 step further but I probably need 100 more steps.


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