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Can I take a saline laxative such as milk of magnesia or magnesium citrate if I have adrenal insufficiency? I'm still undiagnosed for sure, but I know that with Addison's, potassium and sodium levels get messed up, and I'm worried that they high amount of sodium in the saline laxative is going to mess up my electrolytes even more, but this constipation thing going on has gone on long enough. :nono:

Katalina :wave:
I don't know the answer to your question, so I'm not sure I can help. Addison's can cause high potassium and low sodium. So you would want to stay away from products containing any form of potassium (I don't know anything about laxative ingredients at all). On the other hand, diarrhea can be a major symptom of Addison's, AND any form of fluid loss (like laxatives of any kind) will put you at increased risk of electrolyte imbalance which will quickly lead to an Addisonian crisis.

If you're not yet treated...I don't think I'd risk that one. I'm guessing from your post that you are out of other ideas but have you tried something more gentle like metamucil type laxatives, All-Bran cereal or a more natural laxative like Senna (a half dose)? I also find coffee sometimes works for some reason. The other factor that may be contributing to your constipation is severe dehydration-a major symptom of Addison's. Adding some salt to your diet and increasing your water intake substantially may help get things moving, too. I doubt these were ideas that you were looking for but they are my own compromise to harder laxatives when needed.

Has your doctor already fully evaluated your thyroid function as well as your adrenal issues? Both can lead to rotten constipation in some people.

I'm sorry-I truly empathize...Good Luck and be careful-better safe than sorry before you're on appropriate treatment.
Thank you Sadie-Mae and Wanda B! My doctor has not fully evaluated my thyroid function yet, Sadie. I can't believe how long this diagnosis process is taking. My doctor is the most thorough and supportive doctor I've seen yet, and I know he's trying to hurry up the process of diagnosing me, but sheesh. My initial appointment was over two hours long as it covered my entire history and twenty pages of questions, with my doctor and I carefully going over each question. I just had my second appointment, and that was the physical examination, and that was yesterday. He spent a lot of time doing an abdominal examination and was worried about swelling in my lower right abdomen, my severe stomach distention, my low weight, and my body temperature that is always 97 or a little below (since I became ill.) Anyway, he's going to call me this week to discuss what tests my insurance covers, and THEN I have one more appointment (in 10 days) and then I'm going to actually go and get the tests done. Before that, though, I might make a trip to the ER because I cannot deal with being as incredibly sick as I've been. I keep having mini-crises of some kind (symptoms are adrenal-like symptoms), and I can't function at all. Yesterday was probably the worst ever, and it carried into today. I think tonight I'm going to make a hospital visit, if I can get someone to go with me. I do have my own vehicle, but I'm scared to go by myself, as silly as that may sound. Anyway, I do drink a TON of water, but some days I slack off some. I have increased my salt intake, through food, and it seems to really help. I constantly crave salt as it is, anyway. I also am going to start taking magnesium. Oh, and I finally DID go to the bathroom, so I'm going to ditch the idea of laxatives, because I can't afford to complicate my problems. Thanks for the advice:)

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