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Adrenal Fatigue??
Mar 30, 2005
Hi all. I'm new to this board, but not healthboards. I've been posting in the Lyme thread, I've been tested for Lyme, and it came back slightly positive for current Lyme infection. But my question is in regards to Adrenal Fatigue, not Lyme, as I think I've got a couple of different things going on.

I've done sone reading on Adrenal Fatigue, and it seems like there's a fit. Some of my symptoms include, fatigue, headaches (gotten worse over the past few years), dry/itchy skin and rashes (not attributable to Lyme), joint pain (probably attributable to Lyme), depression, anxiety, craving both salty and sweet foods, stiff neck, chronic sinusitis, numbness in all extremities (especially during/after excercise), and excess of energy in the evenings.

I had an appointmet with my GP last month, and the results were mostly normal, except for a couple of things. My triglycerides were very high, and my HDL was very low. My thyroind panel was fairly normal except for my Free T4. My free T4 was a little low but still within the 'normal' range. My GP put me on 10mcg of Cytomel for the 'low' free T4, but I really haven't noticed any change.

For the past few years, I've had a pretty crappy diet -- high in fat, carbs, and sugar (lots and lots of Dr. Pepper and Birch Beer). How related are thyroid disorders and adrenal fatigue? Can you have adrenal fatigue but still have normal thyroind function? Are there specific tests that can be done to rule out adrenal fatigue?

Sorry 'bout the book, but any help anyone could provide would be apprciated. Thanks.

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