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I have a feeling your thyroid levels aren't normal - regardless if they fall w/in the normal ranges. Most doctors don't know how to deal with thyroid problems, and only treat if you're out of the ranges. It's called subclinical hypothyroidism (normal labs, but symptomatic. If untreated it will lead to hypot)

Do you have the lab ranges, and your actual results from your thyroid test? I'd suggest either posting them here or over on the thyroid board. If your FT4 was low, your thyroid is not functioning correctly. Depending on how long you've been on the Cytomel, you probably need to have your thyroid tested again (once you're on meds, you should be tested every 6-8 weeks until you're at an optimal dose), and see what the Cytomel has done (or not done) for you. For males your FT3 and FT4 levels should be about the middle of the lab range. For females it needs to be in the upper 3rd.

There are specific tests to rule out Adrenal fatigue (cortisol and DHEA I think.. there might be others), and you should probably see if you can get them. And, the research I've done on Adrenal/thyroid shows the relationship between Adrenal and thyroid is pretty extensive. One thing I'll mention is that if you do infact have some sort of adrenal fatigue (most people do - it's more a matter of how extreme it is..) you can't even begin to treat your thyroid problem until your adrenal problem is under control.

You should also see if you can get tested for food intolerances - as the symptoms you have are symptoms of intolerances as well.

.. sorry this is so long, I'm in the process of figuring out if I have adrenal fatigue, and a thyroid problem. I'm just waiting to get back to my doctor to review my labs. I've found most GP's and endo's don't know what to do with me in my situation - they laugh at me and say I'm just depressed and it's all in my head. I've found the best luck seeing a naturopath/holistic doctor. They are more open to trying things, and are more up to date on new thyroid research.

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