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Re: DHEA problems?
Oct 3, 2005
[QUOTE=boaz]Carrielynn or others,
What was your initial problems that they done this kind of testing for, like your symptoms?? I did have extremely high levels of DHEA about 3-4 years ago, she indicated that I may have like I guess adrenal exhaustion and I may need meds like you all take? I am prone to get Addison's or Cushings from this. So I was just wondering what your symptoms were that lead you to be tested for that and all.....thanks[/QUOTE]

Last Spring I signed up for a seminar on how to deal with allergies, given by an alternative professional. I spent some time talking to her about my symptoms after the seminar -- told her that whenever certain pollens were high I just felt incredibly tired and I had difficulty thinking. This wasn't all the time, but enough days of the month that it was affecting my quality of life. The symptoms were usually the worse in the morning and then I would feel progressively better all day and in the evening I would be fine, so I would stay up later trying to get things done that I didn't get done in the morning. She told me she thought I had adrenal exhaustion. So I took a saliva test -- they wanted four samples taken throughout the day -- and I mailed it off to a lab. The lab confirmed that I had low cortisol and dhea (I included the results in a previous message in this thread).

I had to deal with a number of very stressful events this past year... personal changes, my mother got really sick, one of my kids has had a chronic illness, so that definitely has had an effect on me. The past 10 years have been incredibly stressful and I think I am just worn down.

For 2 months this summer I was fine -- decent amount of energy, not complaints. Pollens were not high.

Now I'm dealing with similar fatigue (ragweed is high) and I'm also getting some mild muscle aches in my arms and my legs. The aches seem to come and go throughout the day... not every day, though. This happened last Spring too, but not this summer.

I haven't heard back from the thyroid doctor regarding what he thinks about my adrenal test. I think he's out of town this week, so I'll try to contact him next week.


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