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Re: DHEA problems?
Apr 26, 2005
I am usually on thyroid board. I also just had the adrenal saliva test by that same lab. My dhea was also a 2 (3-10). My doctor gave me dhea spray by Metagenics. I have been instructed to take 1 spray(5mg) once a day x 2 wks and then increase to 1 spray 2x a day after that. I have not noticed any kind of side effects thus far. I am feeling a bit better but my doc has put me on several supplements and I am taking a million vitamins so I don't know what is working.
Maybe you need a different brand??
Oh, just curious, what were your cortisol levels? How about the IGa?? Mine was only a 6 (scale 25-60 with 20-25 being borderline.)[/QUOTE]

Sorry for just now replying. I've been pretty busy and basically forgot that I had posted to this board!!!

After discussing my situation with my doctor, who now agrees I was actually having a reaction to the DHEA, I am now taking only 5 drops in the morning. I seem to be doing pretty well with that. He was pretty insistent that I take the DHEA because he said I was low in it. I'm of course worried about longterm use and all that.

Here are my free cortisol results:
7-8 a.m. 10 depressed (13-24 normal range)
11-noon 7 normal (5-10 normal range)
4-5 p.m. 4 normal (3-8 normal range)
11-midnight 2 normal (1-4 normal range)
Corisol Burden: 23 (23-42 normal range)

What were your results?


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