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Hi there,

I've had blood tests come back with low potassium and aldosterone within the "normal" range, but high end of normal. (if you could hear my sarcasm through a computer it would be VERY high in regards to "normal" tests). I've also been diagnosed with a 1.5cm adrenal adenoma. You'd think the doctors would want to remove it (my GP did), but the endocrinologist I saw said my tests aren't showing the growth doing too much (despite months and months of random symptoms all consistent with adrenal gland dysfunction) so they want to monitor it with another CT scan next year.

All I can say is if you're FEELING symptoms and your tests aren't showing anything conclusive, ie. a specific, clear cut disease like Addison's, you may want to request a CT scan of your abdomen to check for a growth on your adrenal glands. Unfortunately, from my own experience, I can't say the docs will actually do anything about it, but at least you'll know either way!!

Also, my best advice for dealing with the symptoms is to take a vitamin B complex daily and [U]completely[/U] cut alcohol, caffine and chocolate out of your diet. By doing that, I was able to go back to work part-time. Hope that's somewhat helpful!

Take care,

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