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Question for wandaB
Apr 15, 2005
My low DHEA wasn't addressed until I complained of being tired even after starting thyroid treatment. Don't know of anyone checked for low DHEA before being diagnosed, but those I know of tested after are all low. Best to check level before starting replacement & again in about 3 months. Need to keep it within the levels.
I have a question..How long were you on thyroid meds before you addressed your dhea problem and were you in normal rangewith they thyroid?...I was just curious b/c since ive been on thyroid meds Ive been nothing but tired granted im still hypo b/c i have trouble tolerating my meds...I had my cortisol levels checked am and pm they were normal well the pm was a little high..So im just trying to figure out if this tiredness is from my thryoid or something else....

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