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Hi, Irys.

I am currently being treated for adrenal fatigue and low progesterone. I take Cortef and Levoxyl, and I also use progesterone cream. I have tried about every vitamin and herbal supplement known to man (!), including raw adrenal glandular and Isocort. I did have some good results with the glandulars (in fact I still take them every now and then when my hypoglycemia doesn't stay under control with the Cortef), but I am having much better results overall with the Cortef. I've been on the Cortef for about 3 weeks, and in many ways, I feel like my life is returning to me. My major symptoms with the adrenal fatigue are depression, anxiety, hypoglycemia and brain fog.

Last week, my symptoms seemed to be coming back, but when I added the progesterone cream, I bounced right back. I had tried the progesterone cream before with mixed results, but when I added it back in along with the Cortef, it seems to be working much better.

My last thing to tackle is the brain fog (concentration and memory problems), and that's where I think my thyroid meds need tweaking. I've been on thyroid meds for almost 6 years.

Sorry if this is too much info! Don't want to overwhelm you right at the beginning of your diagnosis! :eek: Just keep trying to find the answers. After 15 years of feeling like crap (pardon my French), I am finally glimpsing what it's like to feel human! :) It [I]is[/I] worth it to keep fighting for good health.

Feel free to post anytime with questions. This is a great board with many knowledgeable and friendly people. They've helped me a lot.


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