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Hi! I'd have to agree with Irys here, it sounds like you're thyroid meds need adjustment.

There are lots of good supplements you can take for adrenal fatigue, but --and please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong--I would be careful about what you take before you actually have your cortisol levels tested. The reason I say this is because a lot of the supplements for adrenal fatigue are pretty powerful stuff, even though they are considered "natural". You don't want to further tax your adrenals by taking the wrong thing.

I had my adrenals tested using an online saliva-testing laboratory. I had the full cortisol (4 tests) and hormone profile (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA) for $240. My doctor was pretty impressed that the cost was so low (easy for her to say, right?!!). You could get just the four cortisols tested for $120. This would give you somewhat of a picture of what your adrenals are doing.

I would say you could take the general vitamins/supplements that promote overall good health and good adrenal health--multivitamin, vit c, vit b, etc.--but I would maybe steer clear of things like Isocort until you know for sure what's going on.

Just my thoughts.

I am also new to this board. I have been on levoxyl for hypothyroidism for a few months and have not got the results of my blood tests yet. I'm on 50 mcg right now. I have had no improvement in my symptoms so far. I did, however, get my recent saliva test results which showed a significant change in am/pm cortisol levels from the last test done a year ago. There test results were:

2004 2005
a.m. 6.3 15.5 (3-8)
p.m. .7 .4 (.5-1.5)

There was a long discussion which included saying that I am in evolving adrenal fatigue. I have discussed this with my compounding pharmacist and she suggested the following in addition to the bioidentical hrt I'm on:

changing from 10 mg. DHEA oral to 5 mg. sublingual DHEA
vitamin C - 1,000 mg 2x/day
B-5 1,000 mg 2x/day
B-6 200 mg 2x/day
Seriphos 1 tablet in the a.m. and 2 at bedtime

I've checked out Dr. Rind's site and I definitely fit in the "mixed" section of hypothyroid and adrenal fatigue.

Does anyone have any comments/suggestions re: these supplements which my pharmacist suggested? Do they appear to be in line? Any comments on how to take such megadoses without having side effects?

I include them also to give others an idea of what kinds of treatment some pharmacists are suggesting. All of these products are OTC.

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