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Oh Tina,

I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you- I can hear the exhaustion and frustration in your post and I really empathize. I think I could have written your post. I, too, have health issues that I believe are endocrine but I don't have answers yet either. I have had terrible experiences with doctors, too. It is so hard to find the strength just to go on day by day, let alone trying to logically explain why you think you need a certain test (that they should know to order without your help).

I would agree with you that your local endo doesn't sound like the best choice. Ugh. Listen to that inner voice and seek out an endo in one of the cities you mentioned.

I do think you sound like you need to be worked up for Addison's. And I think that in the office of a good endo--it wont be too tough to get it done. That said...I would aim for a large teaching institution-take any previous labwork from other doctors that supports your concerns-like the low blood sugar tests.

I don't think that you should be afraid to tell them what you worry is going on-or to ask for testing. At the worst, they just say no and don't help...but sometimes planting the seed gets things rolling faster. An evaluation of your pituitary function (LH/FSH/TSH/ACTH/IGF-1) in addition to free T3/T4, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA-s, cortisol all done at 8am if possible. Then, hopefully an ACTH stimulation test soon thereafter, or at the same visit.

Do NOT give up. One bad doctor is usually followed by one that is better-right when you are ready to give up for good. You have a treatable problem and I think you are close to getting the help you need because YOU know what to aim for. Put that mean 'ol gastro in the closet and shut the door. There are good, kind and smart doctors out there and you will hopefully find one of them soon.

Keep using the board to vent-it's exactly what we're here for--support and understanding.


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