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Hi Binks,

Adrenal failure and adrenal insufficiency are used interchangeably in medicine. Both are referred to as Addison's disease. Even if you have some remaining function of your adrenal glands, perhaps as evidenced with some response to an ACTH stimulation test or a baseline cortisol between 5-15, the bottom line is that you do not make enough cortisol to carry out basic metabolic functions or handle bodily stress. Your doctor placed you on a full dose of replacement cortisol which suggests they, too, believe you need significant adrenal support. How was your initial diagnosis made? What tests helped your doctor determine you have adrenal issues?

Adrenal fatigue is an entirely different beast. If this was your diagnosis, it could be that 20mg of cortef a day is too much and you are feeling side effects from it.

Increased water output can be caused by several different endocrine disorders. Hypothyroidism is unlikely to cause increased urine production. Diabetes is an easy one to rule out, hopefully your doctor has already done this for you. Have you had your electrolytes checked for elevations of potassium and/or low sodium levels? It could be that you also need florinef to help control issues associated with low aldosterone (which controls electrolytes and water balance in the body).

I hope you find answers soon and that some others will chime in with ideas for you!

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