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Okay, I just got back from seeing my endocrinologist. Here's my test results:

TSH and Free T4
Thyroxine, Free, Direct .93 Range .9-1.4
TSH (high sensitivity) 3.45 Range .70-6.40
ACTH 11 Range < 46
Cortisol, serum 26.7
Vitamin B-12 327 Range 200-1100

And the CT scan of my adrenal glands was completely normal.

In comparison to my previous lab work, my T4 is lower, and TSH is higher, so he wants to put me on armour thyroid.

Vitamin B-12 is on the low end and since that particular deficiency runs in the family, my doctor decided to give me a B-12 injection during my appointment. I automatically became more alert. I had a bad migraine earlier today, it's gone now. I'm interested to see if it stays gone. That would be so great if all I needed to have was a B-12 injection to keep migraines away.

My endocrinologist firmly believes that I don't have addison's. He's sending me to a gastrointestinal specialist. He ordered some more blood work, checking for celiac disease, and he wanted a complete blood count.

Thanks HB for your encouraging words, and for caring.


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