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If anyone here has visited the Leukemia, Lymphoma or Lupus boards you know the hell Ive been going through the past year or so with various symptoms off and on that are only getting worse. The problem basically started a couple of weeks after a encounter with a girl and two painful and sore swollen lymph nodes in my neck that didnt go away for a month, until the doc prescribed me some antibiotics and the lymph nodes went away. Unfortunately, my tonsils never got smaller and while they dont touch in the middle, they are still very large.

I have been tested for HIV, all other STDs, Syphilis, Ive had a TSH test that seemed to appear normal, a mildly positive ANA recently and bloodwork that always comes back basically 100 percent within range.

Ive been through everything from lack of appetite for a week, chills, mouth sores, feverishness that came and went forever, abdominal pain and swelling, dry mouth, floaters that suddenly developed in both my eyes and decreasing vision in my right eye, a butterfly like rash that developed on my face that has never gone away (going to see a rheumatologist for this and the ANA but not til June 1st).

Most recently, starting about Novemberish, the really scary symptoms started occuring. The first time it happened I was sitting in an Olive Garden eating, and suddenly I just felt like my whole body was shutting down, kind of nauseated, weak all over, shaky, cold palms, etc etc. The best way I can describe it is almost a feeling of having your oxygen turned off and being suffocated, but I wasnt gasping for breath or anything. It just felt like someone turned my body off. Usually my body will start signalling about an hour before. I will just start not feeling right and "out of it".

These attacks have persisted and will come on with no warning. I have to stop everything Im doing because I get the feeling I need to be prepared to drive myself to the hospital at a moments notice. I get very nervous and scared and dont know what to do.

Then it passes and I can barely remember what it felt like, though these days I pretty much feel ill all the time.

I should also note that Im 22 years old Male, noticed my far left knuckle above my pinky becomes hyperpigmented and the skin there gets rough, this pigmentation comes and goes on this knuckle. I also since that episode in November have developed very dark circles under both of my eyes and the tops of my arms have always been a tan color even when Im not in the sun. My brother seems convinced I have an endocrine problem.

Please help,

Oh, btw... I had some weight loss at the beginning of this whole thing, I remember being at a max of about 240lb a year ago, but now I cant seem to get up past 230-232 with clothes on, do you have to have EXTREME weight loss in addisons?

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