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I take 5mg Cortef twice a day for adrenal fatigue. It is really helping, but I am still struggling during the two weeks before my period. Starting a few days after ovulation, it is pretty much straight downhill until I start my period.

My progesterone is low, but for some reason, I cannot tolerate the progesterone creams. I have tried 3 different creams and different dosages. I keep having this same pattern: The cream really seems to help for about 5 days, then after those 5 days, I start having really bad side effects. I know all about the "estrogen receptors waking up", but I think this is something different. Maybe it's the weakened state of my adrenals, but my body is extremely sensitive to drugs and supplements right now.

Anyway, my question is, what do you think about increasing my Cortef during those two weeks? Does anyone know if this is medically justified? I don't want to increase it just to increase it (I don't want to make it harder for me to get off the Cortef eventually).

Any thoughts?


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