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I haven't posted recently, because I've been in the bowels of Hades. My husband's cancer took a very bad turn suddenly, and he died on May 14th. :( I spent every minute, day and night, of the month before at his bedside.

Once it was over, I realized what a mess I was physically as well as emotionally. I could barely move. We had just relocated to another state the end of March, so I don't have a new endocrinologist here. I called my old one, who told me the new rule of thumb is not to increase hydrocortisone during times of stress.

I continued to feel horrible, so I treated myself as if I were physically ill instead, and--tada!--started to feel human again within about 48 hours at the increased dose. Physically anyway...

I backed off to my normal dose the day after the funeral, and within two days started feeling bad again, so I bumped up the hydrocortisone again. ::sigh:: Guess I'd better find a local endocrinologist. Huh?

Do any other Addisonians here have personal experience with the death of a spouse and the need for increased hydrocortisone? :confused:


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