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Dear Sneezydiva,

You might want to ask for an ACTH plasma test, if you feel you are unduly tan. Do you notice more tan around your mouth, knuckles, elbows, etc. than anywhere else? Dark moles popping up? ACTH in too high levels is what makes for the tan of Addison's. Some other mutually respected tests are potassium (usually too high), sodium (usually too low), renin (too high), and aldosterone (too low). I have heard of people reporting more allergies, asthma, AND flus/colds with tired or insufficient adrenals, so if diagnosed and treated with cortisol, you might expect some of this to abate! Also, there seems to be a connection of sorts at least statistically with those with a lot of illness and/or allergies throughout life getting adrenal complications. Perhaps the allergies just wear down our systems. I know one REAL connection comes with the use of steroids to TREAT asthma or allergic symptoms. Have you ever had these (inhalers, other steroids) prescribed for your use? These have been said to be able to turn off the adrenal glands own funtion. Hope some of this helps, "Sneezy"! :wave: Tracy
Thanks for your reply!

I don't really have more tan around my mouth, knuckles etc. I just tan much more easily it seems. But this is my first summer in the Southwest, and I know the sun is strong here, so I just don't know if I am reading into things. I feel I fit the adrenal fatigue profile better than the Addison's, but the tanning bothers me. I had my electrolytes tested a while back and they were normal. but the potassium was hugging the high end and the sodium the low end of the of the scale.

I believe I am in that vicious cycle Dr. Wilson talks about in his book. Where allergies cause the adrenals to work harder, then get exhausted, then because they aren't producing enough cortisol, I get more allergies. I have been prescribed short course of prednisone in the past. When on it, I felt like a million bucks. I also have been using a steroid nosespray for years now.

Thanks for your help.

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