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New tests results
Jun 1, 2005
Hi guys! I just got back from the dr (last time I will see her).
She said that I need to stop taking my thyroid meds that I am hyper :yawn:
She also wants me to get a growth hormone stimulation test. Then says I cant get growth hormone from my insurance. So, I dont understand the point.
She says I am hypoglycemic and have osteoperosis starting in the hip.
Then she tells me that my problem is either depression or chronic fatigue. Even though I have a pituitary tumor. Unbelievable!!!
My blood and urine calcium levels are high and she thinks it is because I am hyper. (I dont think so)
So here are some of abnormal results. See if you can help me put any of this together.
Thyroglobulin 47.9 4-40
f t3 397 230-420
f t4 1.4 0.8-1.8
testosterone 51 20-76
cortisol am 14.6 4.-22
24 free cortisol urine 11.1 4-50
acth 11 9-52 is that low???
shbg 60 17-120
prolactin 5 3-30
somatomedin c 109 114-492
pth intact 44 doesnt have ranges
calcium ionized 5.48 4.6-5.4
vitamin d is pretty low
co2 21 22-31
phosphorus urine 664 900-1300
all others are pretty normal and all female sex hormones I cant figure out the ranges
Does anyone see anything here. I am going back to the original dr who found the tumor soon and need to know what direction to check.
Thanks for your help everyone!!!

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