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After excercises for 20 min or longer I feel fantastic for the first half hour or so. After that period I get a very I get very strange feeling where I feel very uncomfortable, excited, agitated, a bit like throwing gas on a fire.It feels like maybe a hormone could be flooding my sysytem.This will last till the next day.If I have excercised hard I will also need to urinate frequently. I will wake up throughout the night.

If I over excersise over a few days I will get very shaky and have to go home and rest for a few days.I wont be able to cope with anything.

I have a very similar reaction to stress and heat.If it gets a little too hot I get very uncomfortable.

My am Cortisol level seems normal and my thoiroid tsh test came back normal.

I suspect i have moderate adrenal fatigue.I have salt cravings, very low blood sugar(fasting glucose was fine),cant handle stress(Used to not be ablr to get out of bed).

I have high levels of anxiety.I have also been diagnosed with sensory integration issues(mainly moro-reflex).Not been able to excercise is ruining my life.

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