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Can anyone shed light on my a.m. cortisol results?

my results: 30.3 Range: 5-21

Obviously it is very high. My primary care doctor doesn't know what it means. It is not a test he usually orders, he did so at my request. He wants me to bring them with me to the allergy/immunologist on Friday.

I have had severe allergies for years. Just recently was diagnosed with food allergies. I am tired all the time, I have little energy, though I appear to be improving eliminating foods. I have read the Adrenal Fatigue book, and feel it describes me to a T. But I was expecting a low cortisol finding, not a high one. Or am I mistaken about that?

Any insight is appreciated.
Hi "Sneezydiva"!

A couple of things to suggest. Have you ever heard of Cushings? People with Cushings have high cortisol, rather than low. You might do a search for Cushing's Disease, and find out if your other symptoms match up at all.

Another possibility which is supposed to be pretty hard to diagnose. You could have a pituitary or adrenal adenoma (benign tumor) that causes your cortisol to fluctuate between marginally low to high. This I believe is called cyclical Cushings.

These are the two things that come to mind, however there could be other conditions that could cause high cortisol that I am not aware of. Best of luck getting answers! ~

:wave: Tracy
Thanks Tracy for your reply. I looked up Cushing's, and I definitely fit the pattern of weight gain listed. I've gain almost 40 pounds and all of it has been in my face and stomach. I still have the skinny arms and legs I used to. It still doesn't quite explain the tiredness, and I don't have many of the other symptoms. Perhaps I have the cyclical Cushing's you mentioned.

I just feel so miserable, and I KNOW it's not "just allergies" like all the doctors are telling me. Something is seriously wrong, and I don't know what to do.
Perhaps you have thyroid issues making you tired, and Cushings causing the rest? Might try having a morning cortisol level taken (blood test). Best wishes, Tracy
You might ask for an Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) or get the test on your own through a lab on the net. It could be that your cortisol is very high in the morning and bottoms out the rest of the day. I have read that this is quite common before the adrenals completely fail.

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