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Hi Leslie,

Wow, it sounds like you feel miserable right now and need some help, quick! I am sorry no one responded sooner to your post.

Your symptoms and high potassium would certainly warrant a workup for Addison's disease.

Do you have a doctor who will work with you? If not, I would head straight to an endocrinologist and ask for a full workup, including pituitary evaluation and adrenal function testing (inlcuding an ACTH stimulation test) and evaluation of growth hormone with an IGF-1 to start. Remember that even if your baseline cortisol is within normal range (say between 5and 15), you could very well still be Addisonian.

If you end up with low TSH and low T4 together, you may actually have a pituitary failure issue, which leads to Addison's also, but it is harder to diagnose until you run the stimulation tests.

One important thing to know...DO NOT start prednisone. It will lead to a disaster in trying to get a diagnosis. Once you are on it you wont get correct endocrine testing and you need that before committing to a lifelong medication situation. At this point, as hard as it is...wait it out. If you already started it-stop it now before you get hooked on it. It will save you a world of hurt. (I feel safe saying this because you posted you post only a few days ago so that few doses of pred wont hurt to stop cold turkey).

You are on the right track...push hard and keep seeking help until you get answers! Take care,

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