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Sorry that you aren't feeling well. What are your symptoms? You mentioned fatigue, poor sleep and loss of periods. Are there other symptoms as well? When you lose and gain weight rapidly, how much weight is it water retention?

There are several tests you should have performed to pinpoint the source of your problems. The list below will evaluate your pituitary function, as well as ovarian and adrenal function.

IGF-1 (growth hormone), ACTH (cortisol), TSH (thyroid), FSH, LH (reproductive) and then to be measured at the same time, estradiol, testosterone (yes, in a woman!), cortisol, free T4 and free T3, prolactin.

Then, if indicated an ACTH stimulation test can be done to check for Addison's.

Once your results are back, be sure to get a copy of'll need to keep records of all of your bloodwork and labs to keep track of your own progress. As your results roll in, learn as much as you can about your diagnosis-it will make your treatment more successful if you understand what the goals are.

Hope this helps and keep us posted!


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