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I posted a couple of weeks ago about a random cortisol drawn early afternoon that came back at 4.6 and I was called back for a stimulation test. The nurse called with my results today and told me they were good. First draw was 12.5. Second draw (30 min) was 31.6. Third draw (60 min)was 34.8. I wanted to know if having results as low as was drawn a couple of weeks ago at 4.6 and then having higher results like the 12.5 which was the first level drawn before injection will leave you feeling fatigued. I know that cortisol levels fluctuate but I wondered if these fluctuations can leave you tired. I tried to ask the nurse some questions today and was told I would have to speak to the doctor when I saw him next which is 09/2005. The fatigue is the kind where your arms and legs feel heavy and you just want to lie down. It is difficult to explain this kind of tired to someone.

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