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Labs, Please Help?
Jul 14, 2005
I have been experiencing the following symptoms: headaches, lightheaded and dizzy, nausea at times, stomach issues, cant gain muscle and feel real week at times, cant concentrate, muscle aches,agitated, no motivation, chills, oral temp is around 94-95.0 F. My symptoms continue to get worse. I had half of my throid memoved several years ago, the other half has a nodule that isnt cancerous. My docor has done the following tests and cant figure out whats wrong with me. Could anybody let me know if they see anything abnormal.

Renin, Plasma Acitvity: .2 (.4-4.5)
ACTH, Plasma 427 (5.0-60.0)
11-Doexycortisol, Serum 6662 (20-130)
11-Deoxycortisol, Serum LC/MS/MS 7074 (119 or less)
ACTH Stimulation;
Cortisol Baselin: 22.6 (4-22)
30 minutes 28.1
60 minutes 29.0
Testosterone 257 (241-827)

Prolactin: 37.2 (2.0-18.0)

Alot of these tests look out of range to me, but not sure what to do. I just had the Prolactin test done this week and this looks out of range, not sure what this test is.
l am male and 27 years old, my testosterone for my age doesnt look right either.

TSH 1.32 (.40-5.5)
T4 Free 1.2 (.80-1.8)
T-3 Free 317 (230-420)

I also have a strange sensation in my throat around my thyroid that hasnt been removed.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

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