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Hi Van,

You have just been sadly indoctrinated into the Family of Cushies. Your experience is far too common. And I am so sorry for your visit going so poorly.

Doctors, and especially endos, surprisingly enough, just have NO understanding of the physiology of Cushing's. It is funny almost when doctors say stress causes these issues. Well...yes...cortisol is a STRESS hormone....but it most certainly is not high from anything YOU are doing. It is from a tumor. Your ACTH level can in no way be explained with day to day stress. Your other values are VERY significant because they offer proof of a problem with your pituitary.

Please do not let this doctor deter you from seeking help. This is an unfortunate part of the struggle for a diagnosis with Cushing's. This is why seeking a national expert in the disease is the fastest way for both validation and treatment. Please try to find one of those Cushing's support sites for help. They all have chat boards and people can be very helpful in finding you a doctor by name and location.

Most endos have so little knowledge of Cushing's and they wouldn't recognize it anyway because they are looking for a definition of the disease that is very end stage. It can be diagnosed far sooner today than previously-but no one has updated the docs of what to be looking for.

You have the right symptoms, you certainly have the right you need the right doctor.

Don't give up.


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