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i have put question marks against the tests i really don't understand.

1 tesosterone
3 prolactin
4 androstenedione?
5 DHEAS measurements ( done on basal bloods) ?
6 a DAX ?

Does anyone one know what some of these tests are for or how they are done? My own research on them on the net seems to be getting me confused.
i seem to being tested for some endo abnormality addisons, cushings, endocrine tumors? are there any tests that i should be having or will the results from these give a good indication as to whatneeds further doing. He has also requested an ultra sound of my ovaries and adrenalines but i had one done that was clear six months ago. i am wondering whether to request an mri or ct of this area instead for a more detailed look.

Just to fill you in a bit. my life is hell right now. i have been really sick since January with lots of symptons and just not getting better. My own primary care physisian is just treating this as some slow undiagnosed illness that they will get to the bottom of eventually. unfortunately he does not understand the acute symptons i have been going through. the last week was particularly bad for me. Bang worse symptons around period time. Headache i could not shake for three days followed by going freezing cold all over no pain killers working!! took myself to A and e i was so worried. Follwed by a kind of huge violent mood swing. i did not know what was happening to me. i almost wet myself. Last two day complete nausea. i have been lying in bed trying to read have to put book down every 5 minutes i feel so sick. i have had two or three acute headache attacks like this in the last 6 months. One of them made me collapse completely like someone had suddenly pulled the rug from under my feet. the first attack i had in january is when i ended up going to hospital was having water retention in my face headaches then one night gripping pain in stomach and legs followed i literally became almost paralysed could not move my body and started having breathing problems.
Symptons are still persisting: headaches, sudden body weakness, bad jaw ache, symptons worse lying down, sweating at night, wake feeling i had no sleep, hair loss, weight loss, skin peeling, liquid retention under the skin, breathing problems, sensation of going very cold, acne, what looks like inflammation of some bones?My cheeks suck in badly wheni have severe headache? intermittant visual blurring, heavy delayed periods but always had these. except the periods i never had any of these symptons before Jan !!

im confined to the house for past six months exertion has brought on some bad symptons so trying to take it easy and keep calm. what i can't believe is this complete physical metamorphosis. my face has changed so much my freinds jaw has dropped when they see me and even the photos of me pre xmas compared to now are pretty dramatic. Its the one thing that makes the docs know something is going on!

Ok im pretty desperately sad anxious and depressed cause of all this but im trying NOT to loose my sanity cause i want to get better. these attacks scare the life out of me. i have been sent round the houses trying to get a diagnosis so far. my other basic bloods don't show too much although i have values that are high and out of range that my doc has not adressed yet. High white blood cell count on last three occassions. high neutrophils on last three occassions. Raise in esr. crp high, glucose high once , potassium low on numerous occassions, Growth hormone high igf-1 high. i know that there possibly may be some infection going on with the high white blood cells- i don't know what my doc plans to do to adress this.

im not looking for a diagnosis here. i just can't believe what is happening. sometimes feel my pulse will literally have to stop before someone take this seriosly. my doc is very ready to tell me i have cfs but symptons are so violent and my change in physical appearance so dramatic!! Plus i can't possibly spend the next year lyingin bed thinking i will just get over this?

I posted the story of what happened to me since jan on reasearch board. i want to make docs realise this is urgent and take me seriously.

any advice on dealing with my docs or any precautions i can take in the meantime? at least this new endo thinks something is up and is doing all these tests for me.

thanks zoe

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