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Hello to all. I am a regular "old timer" on the Thyroid boards and recently switched Endos. This new endo seems to be more interested in pursuing the sex hormone problems and does not seem to think my thyroid issue (wicked case of Hashi's) does not seem to be all the causes of my trouble.

I have never posted here so I'll start with my trouble. Just turned 35 years old, male. No problem with sex - just got my wife preganant again with 2nd. child.

I get really bad panic attacks frequently, almost daily. I also get tremor and numbness in extremtities that comes and goes and dizziness from time to time. It feels like Hyperthyorid attacks to me but I do not want to rule anything out. 2 years ago I had a NON-contrast MRI and they said no obvious pituitary tumor. I physically got the MRI's and blew them up huge on my PC to double check (Im a graphic designer) and my pituitary was uniform in color and symetrical.

My testoerone is very low considering my age tot he point my endo actually called me "sissy boy" in jest. I got the best of him by getting my wife pregnant 2 weeks later....any who....

I just got some labs back and have not getten back tot he endo yet to see what he thinks and was hoping to see if any of my info is indicative of pituitary tumor or cushings.

I am nearly a thyroid expert at this point but nothing EVER seems to just jump out. All my tests, including thyroid usually come out just marginally high or marginally low. I see here people with Cushings have ACTH that is VERY high. Mine is just normal high, but is this normal?

Here's my labs. I would appreciate any adrenal/pituitary experts or non-experts advice on what's going on? I most certainly have at least some thyroid problem but my labs do not indicate hyper to cause panic attacks and tremors. I am fat with lots of weight in my middle and the muscle weakness is insane. Doc seems to think Im going through some sort of male menopause as he called it.

Please let me know what you think:

Current Labs:

Cortisol Total 24.2 (4-22) HIGH - taken in AM

FSH 1.9 (1.6 - 8.0) LOW NORMAL

LH 3.6 (1.5 - 9.3) NORMAL

T3 Free 348 (230 - 420)

Testosterone Total 214 & 247 (tested twice) Range 236 - 1076 VERY LOW FOR MY AGE, MALE just turned 35
Testosterone Free % 2.3 (1.0 - 3.1 %) NORMAL
Testosterone Free 56.7 (31 - 160) NORMAL

ACTH 67 (range less than 70) HIGH NORMAL

TBG (Thyroxine Binding Globulin 28 (12.7 - 25.1) HIGH

Back in January I had a 24 hour catecholamine (Epinepherine, Norepineperine and Dopamine) and all components were within range.
Hi nastyhashi. I'm no expert, but I have undergone testing for Cushing's myself. Actually with pituitary Cushing's (as opposed to an ectopic source) ACTH usually is not super-high. It's more often normal or slightly high. I would say your slightly high cortisol together with high-ish ACTH is suspicious enough to warrant further testing. A good next step would be a 24hr urinary free cortisol test. Just like with TSH/T4 (which you are obviously familiar with), with normal function you would not expect BOTH to be high at the same time.

If you have not yet had IGF-1 and prolactin tested, you should probably get those tested too. Your symptoms are consistent with Cushing's, but there are other things it could be too, including GH deficiency and high prolactin.

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