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If you have Addison's, or it is suspected, then you should not be on thyroid hormone replacement unless you are also taking hydrocortisone replacement. The increased thyroid function means your body will need more cortisol, and if it can't supply it, that can be dangerous.

What tests did your holistic doc run to diagnose adrenal fatigue? Not to cause an uproar here... but I am not sure I believe in "adrenal fatigue," which seems to be a currently trendy way of classifying a variety of nonspecific symptoms. The only reliable way to diagnose Addison's is to have an ACTH stimulation test. If you are concerned about your symptoms pointing to Addison's, definitely talk to your endo so he/she can run tests before you start taking the thyroid meds.

If your adrenal function is only borderline low according to whatever criteria your holistic doc uses, but you have had "standard" tests for cortisol/ACTH that are fine, then it's probably safe to take the thyroid meds.

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