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My doctor is also fairly progressive and she seems to have become very convinced by what James Wilson says in his book. She's got me started on just the supplements at the moment (various vitamins and somthing with the ingredients of "a proprietary blend containing adrenal, gonadal, hypothalmus, pituitary and thyroid concentrates from porcine source" and if I'm not mistaken Porcine is latin for it's not vegetarian I guess). I've also got an appointment with a dietician to review my eating habits as well.

Regardless of Wilson's support of his own products, the book really seems to advocate healthy eating, healthy excercise and stress control as the ultimate source of "cure". But...I can't imagine implementing much of what he's advocating and I can't imagine telling your son to try and cut out the stressful activities in his life. It kind of seems impractical.

Both my mom and my brother were taking thyroid for quite a while which helped them dramatically but my tests never showed that I was any worse than just suboptimal...but apparently that can be caused by fatigued adrenals...if this guy is right. I'd love to believe it and I figure I'll give the supplement "cure" a try and see how it goes.

I was hoping to hear of someone's success but I guess, once you are all better you might not be visiting the boards quite so much. I sincerely hope that you can find a solution for your son that will help. It's hard enough trying to cope with this as an adult but I can't imagine how much more difficult it would be for a teenage boy whose got enough on his hands trying to deal with the normal hormonal changes.

If I hear of anything promising, I'll post it :)

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