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I have been suffering with the symptoms of hypoadrenia for over three years and I feel so relieved to finally know what's wrong! ....although I guessed this. I kept telling people that I "used up all my cortisol for the first six months" of my traumatic separation (which was followed---and continues--with extreme stress)--and I was right! I knew that I was under enormous amounts of stress and actually afraid I would get something serious, like cancer. I knew the body just couldn't take this much stress continually. My biggest problems, aside from getting sick all the time, is that it has wreaked habit with my menstrual symptoms. I used to get PMS but now it's debilitating. The more stress, the worse and longer it is. I have been on SSRI's with no luck for two years, except the Prozac moderately helped (all the other SSRI's except Wellbutrin made me more depressed!). A gynecologist has put me on Lybrel to stop my periods; I had three great weeks when first taking it and then the PMS started lasting an entire week! I think I am going to give up all of the drugs and start fresh, while taking sick leave from work (which I've barely held on to). One of things that I wondered about affecting me was nutrition. Part of the stress was financial and I started eating much worse then, buying more processed, easy and non-organic foods, which might have also played a big role. I used to cook up myself good meals, but then money was tight and then it was being overworked and tired; and then, depression.

The thing is that NONE of my doctors suggested Adrenal problems, which seems amazing to me because they knew about all the stress I was going through!

Seems as if I am always having to diagnose myself. The Internet has so much research from real people experiencing real problems.

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