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I recently had my adrenals tested (saliva) and the results indicated low levels of cortisol and borderline DHEA level. My question is basically how low is too low? I mean, at what point do they begin to suspect Addison's as opposed to Adrenal Fatigue? Here are the actual results:

ASI (cortisol):
AM: 8 depressed (13-24 normal)
Noon: 3 depressed (5-10 normal)
PM: 1 depressed (3-8 normal)
Midnight: <1 depressed (1-4 normal)
cortisol burden: 13 depressed (23-42 normal)

DHEA pooled value: 3 borderline (3-10 normal)
Insulin fasting: <3 normal (3-12 normal)
Insulinpost-prandial: <3 depressed (5-20 optimal)
Progesterone: 81 normal (22-100 optimal)
Total salivary SIgA: <5 depressed (25-60 normal)

I also recently had bloodwork done (testing other hormones... not adrenal function). Estradiol level came back extremely low and testosterone level was somewhat low. Thyroid function, FSH, etc. were ok.

What do you think about the saliva test results? They scare me and at the same time, they make me wonder if the test is really accurate. I have a lot of the symptoms of addison's, but no noticable weight loss, certainly no loss of appetite (I pig out on sweets and salty foods), and I haven't noticed any weird brown spots. Still, I have felt like I was very ill and haven't been able to physically function very well in a while.

Would Addison's levels be much lower than mine? I have spent hours searching and found nothing on the internet about specific saliva cortisol levels that indicate Addison's... maybe someone here can help me with this?! :confused:

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