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Hi, Peeps!

What about looking into cyclicle Cushings? I am aware of a condition that produces ups and downs of cortisol (an adrenal or pituitary adenoma). You could do a search for the term "adenoma" or get more specific to the organ, as above. These adenomas can produce ups and downs in the amount of hormone the organ produces. Also, sorry to bring it up, but I'd have yourself tested for Diabetes, rather than just having a fasting BS taken. Perhaps you already have. Do you have a BS monitor? It would be valuable (as the doctor should do) to see what your sugars were 30 min. - 60 min. after eating a high carb diet. It would also be valuable to see whether you urine contained any sugar or ketones, or to have an A1C test taken (tracks how much sugar has been in the cells for the past 3 mos.!). Sometimes diet and exercise can keep diabetes in pretty good control (especially if it is Type 2 Diabetes), but sometimes you may need insulin as the disease progresses. I wonder if high cortisol COULD produce high sugars. I know that LOW cortisol can cause hyPOglycemia (low BS's). Hmmmm. Hope this will help. I never like to see someone with NO replies. It's so disappointing! Hope this will send your message up to the top of the list for more to notice it! ~ :wave: Tracy

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