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I Was just diagnosed, finally, with secondary Addisons.
My ACTH has been normal in the past two tests and the new endo told me this was very normal for secondary AD. He said he rarely sees secondary patients wtih low ACTH stim test coritisol levels.
He then checked blood for pituitary hormones and found my LH and FSH to be normal. Because I have had a hysterectomy these should have been high.
That is how he came to the conclusion that the problem was the pituitary, not the adrenals, thus Secondary Addisons.
Guess what I'm saying is even if the ACTH comes back normal a person could very well have secondary instead of adrenal fatigue.
After suffering through adrenal crisis and coming near death I am learning
that this is no condition to be playing around with so I would be very cautious of an adrenal fatigue diagnosis.
I did try the dried bovine adrenals, licorice root, and massive amounts of vitamins before getting a diagnosis. They helped, but I was not able to be very active. I could barely walk around. Essentially, they kept me alive.
I am hoping someday to get back to trying a natural treatment again, but for now, after being sick for a year, feel safer on the cortef.
I have a question, how long can you take cortef before it starts to affect the adrenals?


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