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When the blood was drawn I was actually almost in my second trimester (a few days away from it). Another something to consider would be that I was under some physical stress at the time (I was on too much T3 and felt a little wired and my baby died sometime that week which I hadn't known at the time but I'm sure my body was responding to it in some way).

The endo tested it because I have hyperpigmentation of my scars, skin folds, knuckles and a tan (I spend almost no time outside because the sun makes me feel like I have the flu; if I go out it's around dusk or after). I have some symptoms too but I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and everything is typically chalked up to that.

Having said all that I should probably just have it redone shouldn't I. I plan on switching endos anyway (don't like her and I don't trust her).

What do you think of saliva testing?

I'll post the results of my urine test when I get it. Thanks for the help!


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