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Yeah, I'd say your story is pretty scary, but I'm hoping that my situation isn't as complicated as yours. I actually didn't go to the hopsital yet; as soon as my mom gets home from work we're going today. The last thing I want to do is spend my Friday in the ER, but I can't go on like this. I do have some good days, but they're few and far between now. I'm really glad you finally got a proper diagnosis and they were able to treat you. I'm guessing it was the hospital that gave you too much sodium? How could this be, though, didn't they check your blood levels of sodium? I've heard that there is major weight gain that comes with taking hydrocortisone, but if I'm just on a REPLACEMENT dose, replacing what my body is naturally missing, wouldn't I only gain minimal weight? I mean, I'm quite thin and could probably use some weight gain, but it would be a shame if I blew up like a balloon. Years ago, I took a certain combination of antidepressants that caused me to gain weight, and I was 98 pounds when I started them, and 160 lbs. a year and a half later. As soon as I stopped the meds, the weight just came RIGHT off of me, and I went back down to 105lbs. So I've actually had an experience of gaining weight from drugs, and it isn't really fun. So can I expect anything else negative from the hydrocortisone? I'm guessing that ANYTHING is better than leaving my disease untreated, if in fact I definitely do have Addison's. I'm just a little worried though about how the testing will affect me because I feel bad enough. Thanks for your response,
Hi everyone,
Well, I just got back from the ER. They refused to do ANY specialized testing such as an ACTH stim test or even a blood level test of cortisol. They told me that I needed to go to a regular doctor, and that if I'm stable (my bp wasn't dangerously low and my other vital signs were okay) then they could only do routine tests. They ended up testing my kidney function, liver function, and electrolytes- all were fine, according to the doctor, but I do want to take a look at the paperwork he gave me. I explained time after time that I CAN'T go to a doctor because I can't pay for the doctor's office visits w/out insurance nor can I pay to get bloodwork since I owe almost all the laboratories in my area, but they just told me that I needed to go to the local clinic instead of the ER if I'm not having an Emergency. I was planning on seeing a doctor from a clinic but it's a far travel with a long waiting list. I explained that although I don't feel even half as bad as I usually do today, the entire week I was so fatigued and weak I couldn't walk across my living room. If my electrolyes were okay, then wouldn't my adrenal function be okay, though? I keep thiinking that since I was actually having a good day (and good means still feeling horrible but not near death), then that's why my electrolyes were normal. I don't know what to think. I still feel VERY strongly that I have adrenal problems, and the doc as the hospital said that it's likely I have thyroid issues since my body temperature is so low. They also suggested that I get tested for Lyme immediately. The only good thing that came out of my trip to the ER is that I racked up more medical bills. I was told that if I get 3,200 dollars worth of medical bills I can get back on state insurance, and I think I have 2,000 dollars worth, at least, already. This one visit to the ER probably helped me reach my 3,200 dollars worth. Anyway, thanks for your responses, everyone:)
I'm sorry you had such a bad time at the hospital. I had gone to the hospital myself 3 times they told me it was my stomach gave me pepcid and sent me home so consequently I do not trust ER doctors don't get me wrong the ER has its place if you've been in an accident or soemthing like that its the best place to be but not for things like this. I actually was down to 114 pds I'm 5'4" and was very dark skinned I ended up typing into the computer Adrenal fatigue and vomiting and bingo there it was all my symptoms my joints were stiff as well felt like an 80 yr old person getting out of bed in the morning to go vomit it was awful...

You will have good days and bad days I had some days where I did things as well is there a clinic you could go to maybe do what I did and type in adrenal fatigue and vomiting and all the symptoms will come up maybe then you can get someone to listen to you I can't emphasize enough bring someone who has the energy to fight for you and really be adament about the fact that you NEED treatment do not take no for an answer this is very serious It is NOT in your head I went through that myself I swear I was ready to see a psychiatrist. Also there are saliva tests you could order yourself online to do maybe this would also help your case but I wouldn't wait too much longer. The tests they gave me didn't hurt at all I was very sick at the time as well. Once they gave me the hydrocortisone I felt better within 2 hours it was amazing. The weight gains stinks I have gained from 114 to 140 this is the heaviest I have ever been so he switched me to prednisone because the hydrocort was making me very hungary the prednisone doesn't do that but now I have to take Florinef and that doesn't help either I work out alot and haven't lost 1 pound but worry about this stuff later just get yourself diagnosed.

Hi Justine,
Yeah, I'm actually about 114lbs. right now, and I'm 5'4" almost 5'5". I look pretty thin and honestly miss my womanly curves. I don't have the vomiting, but I have diarrhea and nausea and the stiff joints and complete and utter lack of energy. I definitely know my problems are not in my head; it's impossible when someone is THIS sick. My mom is pretty good about advocating for me, but unofortunately she just isn't forceful enough sometimes. What's weird with me is that I ALWAYS feel better the second half of the month after I ovulate. After my period and for two weeks ago, I'm much, much, worse. I read somewhere that your body may use progesterone as energy and progesterone levels rise the second half of the month, so maybe that's it. My good days do confuse me, although I'm never really "normal" on my good days, just not dying:) Anyway, my mom and I are resorting to the local clinic, I suppose. The health care at the clinic is very poor but I've heard they'll refer to a FREE specialist, but I'm not so sure about that since it's coming from a doc at the ER. I was quite disapointed at the care I received at the ER; they didn't bother to at least CHECK my cortisol levels even as sick as I was. The ER doc told me low blood pressure, tanning, and weakness along with diarrhea ARE NOT Addison's symptoms!! At that point I knew I wasn't going to get any treatment. Anyway, Justine, thank you for your reply, I will keep everyone updated on my progress!:)

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