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Hi everyone,
Well, I just got back from the ER. They refused to do ANY specialized testing such as an ACTH stim test or even a blood level test of cortisol. They told me that I needed to go to a regular doctor, and that if I'm stable (my bp wasn't dangerously low and my other vital signs were okay) then they could only do routine tests. They ended up testing my kidney function, liver function, and electrolytes- all were fine, according to the doctor, but I do want to take a look at the paperwork he gave me. I explained time after time that I CAN'T go to a doctor because I can't pay for the doctor's office visits w/out insurance nor can I pay to get bloodwork since I owe almost all the laboratories in my area, but they just told me that I needed to go to the local clinic instead of the ER if I'm not having an Emergency. I was planning on seeing a doctor from a clinic but it's a far travel with a long waiting list. I explained that although I don't feel even half as bad as I usually do today, the entire week I was so fatigued and weak I couldn't walk across my living room. If my electrolyes were okay, then wouldn't my adrenal function be okay, though? I keep thiinking that since I was actually having a good day (and good means still feeling horrible but not near death), then that's why my electrolyes were normal. I don't know what to think. I still feel VERY strongly that I have adrenal problems, and the doc as the hospital said that it's likely I have thyroid issues since my body temperature is so low. They also suggested that I get tested for Lyme immediately. The only good thing that came out of my trip to the ER is that I racked up more medical bills. I was told that if I get 3,200 dollars worth of medical bills I can get back on state insurance, and I think I have 2,000 dollars worth, at least, already. This one visit to the ER probably helped me reach my 3,200 dollars worth. Anyway, thanks for your responses, everyone:)

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