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Re: Low reserves?
Oct 15, 2005
Dear Sage,

You might want to ask for a copy of your lab results. I have done this with my son's tests, and they have come in very handy. They doctor's offices don't mind at all. I don't know what the 28 refers to, but I'm guessing that this was your cortisol number after they gave you the drug to stimulate your adrenals to produce more cortisol. It would be handy to know what your initial cortisol was, BEFORE they gave you the shot of cortrosyn to stimulate the adrenals. By saying you have a low reserve, it sounds like the doctor is saying your adrenal glands did not respond grandly or strongly. What they want to see is a first number well within lab range, and the second number (cortisol AFTER stimulation with Cortrosyn) that has doubled, and is over 22, at a minimum. Perhaps your doctor is used to seeing people at around 30 - 40 after they have had the cortrosyn. I think you have every right to ask some more questions of the doctor, too, though. "What do you mean when you say low reserve?" or "What element does the 28 refer to?" I hope this has helped a little. ~ Tracy

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