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Dear Van,

I just looked back at another of your posts in which your ACTH was VERY elevated, and your cortisol doesn't go up to double what it was when it started. I wonder whether you might have problems with both the pituitary AND the adrenal glands, OR the system above all of them -- the Hypothalamus? Some of the labs make you look to have pituitary problems, others like you have adrenal problems. But there is NO DOUBT you have more evidence than most of needing treatment. This is not all in your head, and you have more than enough reason to feel uncomfortable and badly. Take good care of yourself this weekend, and when the Holiday is over, I think you need to find a doctor who is in the know, maybe someone at a teaching hospital. So sorry you are suffering such a rollercoaster ride. With such wide variety in labs, I can only imagine you must have some tough mood swings. Hang in there! As for many, there is light at the end of the tunnel! ~ :wave: Tracy

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