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I recently received the results back on ACTH Stim test. The endo says he feels its normal, however I noted some doubt in this answers when I probed further about certain tests.

Can anyone who knows about this test please take a look and tell me what they think?

Cortisol (8 AM Baseline) 21.5 (Range 4.3-29)
30 min 30.1
60 min 29.2

DHEA-S (8 AM Baseline) 30 (Range 35-430)
60 min 33 (Range 35-430)

ACTH (8 AM Baseline) 45 (Range <47)

24hr Urine-Free Cortisol 17 (Range 4-50)

I also have Stim results for 17-Hydroxypregnenolone, 11-Hydroxyprogesterone, Androstenedione and 11-Desoxycortisol if those would be helpful to view.

I have a host of symptoms from severe fatigue to vision problems to memory and cognitive issues, joint pain, digestion issues, dizziness, heart palps, emotional, weight gain etc. It's probably also important to note that I am hypothyroid (silent thyroiditis...severely hyper for several months then hypo) and was diagnosed with this last year.

Thanks for your help,

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