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Dear TM,

I have no books on it other than "Adrenal Fatigue" by Wilson. Everything I have read has come from others with Addisons and numerous sites with medical info written by endos all over the world. I consider those who have gone through the ordeals of getting their diagnosis and treatment to be my BEST source, however they have shared other info from various websites as well. I have been researching this particular health topic for over a year and a half, feverishly, as my son is yet to be fully diagnosed. He will go to the Mayo Clinic this Jan. with suspected pituitary malfunction or POTS. His aldosterone was tested and was almost non-existent on three different occasions. This hormone is made in the same location in the adrenals where the Cortisol is manufactured. Shortage of aldosterone is sometimes the first sign of adrenal problems. I wish I could be more specific about what I have read, but there are many limitation to this board and what we can share. I have read many technical studies by doctors who specialize in adrenal or other hormonal ailments. One study gave specific amounts to look for by a current doctor in LA. He has got a grant to study CFS and is a research physician and endo. Even when we are told that a certain doctor is the best in his/her field, I don't believe any can have seen and heard it all. ;) I believe the best thing to do is find one who has actually treated many with adrenal issues. I would suggest finding a teaching hospital in your area, and interviewing some doctors there to see whether they have had experience with adrenal disorder. I suspect your body is still fighting hard enough to mask some of the tests. This popular doctor in LA is the one who advised us by e-mail to test Trav's aldosterone and renin, postassium and sodium for more proof of an adrenal problem. I think the more clues one can have, the more you can persuade the doctors to dig and not just dismiss you with a prescription for antidepressents. We've had that done many times, too, and decided, as you have, that it is the end of the doctor's willingness to search and be open minded, and time to move on. We visited 20 doctors before we found the one from the teaching hospital who took my son's symptoms seriously, and is referring us to the Mayo. Hope you can run some more tests to drive your point home. I wish I could give you some copies of these studies with proper perameters to decide upon whether a patient has adrenal insuf. to take to your doctor. I hope you will find a physician who can help you! Best wishes, :wave: Tracy
Dear Kelly,

Unfortunately, I cannot see anything from THESE tests to determine whether you are having insufficiency with your adrenal glands. And I don't know whether there are any doctors or nurses on this site. But your glucose level, in MY opinion (and with the knowledge I have from being the mother of a little boy with Type I Diabetes) is TOO HIGH. Was this a fasting test? Even if not, 140 is usually just too high for people without Diabetes. Wanted to shed some light on this one aspect of your tests. I think you should have some more tests run for Diabetes. Sorry to suggest this. But that 140 was a red flag in my mind.

As far as having symptoms come and go, you might suggest the idea of a pituitary or adrenal adenoma (benign tomor) to your endocrinologist. These can make for ebb and flow symptoms. I hope you will get to the bottom of your health issues very soon!

I might suggest you post your message as a NEW message, too, instead of as a reply to someone else's message. It may get better attention and response with its own title given it! ~ :wave: Tracy

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