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Keraly and group,

I found a new endo who is supposed to be good. After I suggested it, we decided to test Aldosterone, Renin and Antiadrenal antibodies. Here's what he came back with (remember I'm the one with low DHEA, low BP, high ACTH and Stim Test that came back less than perfect):

Antiadrenal Antibody screen: negative

Aldosterone: 1 ng/dL (Range-Upright 4-6PM 21ng/dL or less)

Plasma Renin Activity: 2.5 ng/mL/hr (Range-Nonhypertensive Adults 0.65-5.0 ng/mL/hr

Prolactin: 6.8 ng/mL (Range-Female non-preg 3.0-30.0)

Any thoughts?


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