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Ok...I have had the stimulation test more than once. >1 Cortisol show up in bloodwork, low DHEA. Currently I have many issues going on and I was curious if any "professional or nurse" could help me calm down a bit. My edno dr. in past has been suspecting Addisons Disease for a while but symptoms and all went away. Ok..well here I am again. Here are the blood work results from a cardiac ER visit and wanted someone to tell me whether or not they think its poss. for me to be having a flair with my adrenal glands. (i do have an appt. but not until mid jan)
Sodium 134
Glucose 140
AST 52
ALT 66
Potassium 3.8
PH urine 8.0
Leukocyte esterase *trace
WBC, urine ..few
RBC, urine..few
appearnace urine..hazy
tsh norm 1.5
SEG 94
**Not sure what the above 3 are but vrs. their "normal" they are pretty off.
What up???
thanks! Kelly
**Forgot to mention..I do have sarcoidosis, sinus tachycardia, polyneuropathy, liver enzymes elevated before..nothing came of it, IBS, 3 polyps removed so far and have had pit. gland tested years ago. Does anyone suspect diabetes as well?

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