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Hi all, I'm new here. I'd like to give my opinion. Van, your testosterone looks low. Was that a free or total test? Was LH and FSH done?

Your cortisol saliva being below range for half the day, looks to me like your adrenals are very fatigued. Ask your doc for an ACTH stimulation test. If you get cortisol replacement that might bring down your DHEAS.

"TSH 1.32 (.40-5.5)
T4 Free 1.2 (.80-1.8)
T-3 Free 317 (230-420)"

In men I look for TSH around 2 if thyroid is healthy and women around 1. Free T4 I look for in the top of the range and free T3 in the upper 3rd of the range. Your tests look to me like you are secondary hypothyroid. An osteopath helped me when 2 endos said I was fine. I highly recommend osteopaths.

[QUOTE=van7771]My Doctor had me do an adrenal saliva test, l took my saliva at 4 different times of the day and the following are the results. Does anybody have any idea what these results say:

Testosterone: 127 (50-200 pg/ml)
DHEAS: 35.4 (3-10 ng/ml)
Cortisol Morning 6.7 (3-8 ng/ml)
Cortisol Noon .5 (2-4 ng/ml)
Cortisol Evening .7 (1-2)
Cortisol Night 1.0 (.2-1.5)

I have had several blood tests for my thyroid and everything comes back normal.
TSH 1.32 (.40-5.5)
T4 Free 1.2 (.80-1.8)
T-3 Free 317 (230-420)

I have been experiencing the following symptoms: headaches, lightheaded and dizzy, nausea at times, stomach issues, cant gain muscle and feel real week at times, cant concentrate, muscle aches agitated, no motivation, chills, oral temp is around 94-95.0 F. Life isnt fun and somtimes l think lm going crazy, depression, mental fog. My symptoms continue to get worse.
Any thoughts:[/QUOTE]

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