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Hi Kevin. I know something about your tests, so I'd like to give my opinion.

HDL cholesterol (a hormone) is a good indicator of sex hormone levels. If total testosterone is low, free testosterone will be low (this is true I'd say at least 96% of the time. What time were your tests and did you take the androgel the morning of the tests?

Androgel doesn't help most men. It hasn't been long enough to see if the androgel will help you (a lot of damage has been done from low T, so takes time). If you are taking enough androgel, your tests should have been higher and you may need an increase, check with your doc. Is possible androgel might not work for you. 3 months is more than enough time to see if it will work for you assume you are getting enough of it. Testosterone Cypionate (injectable) has a better sucess rate than androgel.

Most docs especially endos (most of them view it as putting you on the juice, not so at all) don't know enough about how to treat low testosterone in men. Testosterone therapy can raise estrogen levels which is desired, but estrogen can go to high in T therapy. In men estrogen is usually ignored. Since high estrogen has most of the same symptoms of low testosterone, it's important that estrogen be monitored. Testosterone has to work with proper levels of E2. Testosterone is converted to E2 via the Aromatase enzyme, I almost fell over that you were tested for Estradiol, rarely is done in men unfortunately.

In my opinion your E2 is low likely because you testosterone is low. Don't let the doc give you an aromatase inhibitor. This inhibits E2 which you don't need in my opinion. I've seen some report AI given when their E2 is low, AI makes E2 lower. Some docs think the lower the better, not the case at all.

Symptoms of low E2, low libido, brain fog, erectile dysfunction, dry skin.

Estradiol Free .10 - Ref Range .30 - .90 pg/mL (Low)

Estradiol Free 2.0 - Ref Range 1.66 - 2.11 %

Estradiol 5 - Ref. Range 10-50 pg/mL (Low)

Your estradiol is very low in my opinion, but testosterone therapy should raise that, but you don't want to go to high.

Learn about the use of HCG in testosterone therapy. Testerone therapy tends to shrink the testes. They just wither and atropy. HCG usually keeps this from happening.

Your FSH and LH are low in my opinion (no testosterone therapy when these were done, right?) and suggest to me your hypogonadism may be secondary (hypopituitary).

Since DHEA is regulated by ACTH in the pituitary, is possible your DHEA is low because of low ACTH, but this is not always the case. Did you forget to post cortisol tests. If you haven't had cortisol testing yet, I think you do need to push for it. Asthma, especially if hard to treat, is a big adrenal insufficiency (low cortisol) symptom. I had asthma for several years (after bad pneumnia which is devestating to the adrenal glands) and nothing helped me except prednisone, but with cortisol replacment asthma is gone.

What was your sodium and potassium levels on the CBC? (give ranges). These can give indication of possible low aldsterone.

Your TSH being at 3 looks to high to me. For men I like to see around 2. Man or woman, anyone I've seen with TSH that high had hypo symptoms.
TSH is a pituitary test and you can't tell for sure exactly what the thyroid is doing by TSH alone. You need to ask for these thyroid tests.

Free T3
Free T4
Thyroid antibody testing including TPO

Any other test isn't worth much, like the total tests.

I've never seen someones tests where LDL and triglycerides can't be figured together. LDL is usually high in hypothyroidism.

When you get these tests back post them on the Healthboards thyroid board. Lots of knowledgable people there. Also look into what the symptoms of hypothyroid are.

Investigate what anti-biotics do to the flora in the gut. Antibiotics mess up a lot of people to cause candida which can lead to leaky gut syndrome. Getting my hormones treated, don't get sick anymore and so no need for antibiotics. Hormones are the foundation of the immune system.

Over all is very impressive to me the amount of testing your doc did on your hormones. I don't recommend endos. They have very poor track records with hormones and I haven't seen anyone say they werereally helped by one. I consider endos diabetes doctors. I always recommend osteopaths as your chance of success is much better with them than any other kind of doc because as a group they are very good at treating the thyroid and adrenals, know the ranges are flawed and put symptoms above numbers. Unfortuanately, most osteopaths are not up on the lastest protocols of treatment of mens hormones. You'll have to do quite a bit of digging and asking around to find a doc that knows how it's properly done.

Get the cortisol tests and check back.

PS. I did a lot editing of this post while you were on Healthboards, so you might want to reread.

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