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Hi, my name is Kevin...I'm 30/M, 183lbs, 5'11". I'm going to list some labs, hopefully one of you adrenal guru's can help me. I suspect I have some kind of adrenal problem. I've had low sex drive, fatigue, tightness in chest (I'm asthmatic but drugs havent helped me in a year of treatment), mood swings, irritable, some depression, low motivation, bad insomnia.

Do I have Addison's you think?? Did my Dr's miss some important tests? The DHEA being low has me concerned and I thought it might point to an adrenal or possibly a pituitary issue and might explain why my testosterone has been low for my age. I'm going to a Endoctrinologist on the 13th. :confused:

I have another set of blood-work that followed up the ANA Titer and I will post those results when I get them from my Dr. They were before the 11-15-05. Thanks for taking the time to look and any guidance would be great!


Glucose Fasting [B]78[/B] - Ref. Range 65-99 mg/dL (Good)
Cholesterol [B]183[/B] mg/dL - Ref. Range <200 mg/dL (Decent)
Triglycerides [B]503[/B] mg/dL - Ref. Range <150 mg/dL (Way High)
HDL [B]34[/B] - Ref Range >39 mg/dL (Low)
LDL - Cannot be calculated because of triglycerides

DHEA, Unconjugated [B]60[/B] ng/dL - Ref Range 180-1250 ng/dL (Low)
Prolactin - [B]7.8[/B] ng/mL - Ref. Range 2.0 - 18.0 ng/mL (Ok)
CBC - All Normal
Lipayse/Amylase - Normal

Testosterone, Total [B]353[/B] - Ref. Range 250-1100 ng/dL (1 week after starting Androgel again but still lower than should be)

Testosterone % Free [B]2.0[/B] - Ref Range 1.0 - 3.0 %
[B]86.7[/B] - Ref Range 35.0 - 155.0 pg/mL

Estradiol Free [B].10[/B] - Ref Range .30 - .90 pg/mL (Low)
Estradiol Free [B]2.0[/B] - Ref Range 1.66 - 2.11 %
Estradiol [B]5[/B] - Ref. Range 10-50 pg/mL (Low)

Cardio CRP [B]1.4[/B] - Ref Range - 1.0-3.0 (Avg Risk)
TSH [B]3.0[/B] - Ref Range - .4 - 5.5 uIU/mL
PSA [B].8[/B] - Ref Range - 0.0 -4.0 ng/mL


Triglycerides [B]315[/B]
Cholesterol [B]179[/B] mg/dL
HDL [B]29L[/B]
LDL [B]87.2[/B]
Ratio [B]6.2[/B] Undesirable
T4, Free [B]1.4[/B] Ref. Range - 0.6 - 1.8
T3, Free [B]3.59[/B] Ref. Range - 2.30 - 4.20
DHEA [B]4.0[/B] Ref. Range - 1.9 - 7.6
DHEAS [B]230[/B] Ref. Range - 80-560 ug/dL
Complement CH50 [B]101[/B] Ref. Range 60-144
Rheumatoid Factor [B]<20[/B]
SSA [B]4[/B] Ref. Range 0-49
SSB [B]4[/B] Ref. Range 0-49
DNA Antibody Negative

[B]3/12/2005[/B] (Had an absolute ton of bloodwork ordered..mostly off the wall stuff like for ticks and antibodies which came back normal,I will only post anything relevent or not normal here. In January 05 I had 2 pretty bad chest infections in a row. Had antibiotics and a course of prednisone which did nothing basically. Stopped Androgel a month before. I was scared of sterility was afraid of hormone thearapy. Probably a mistake. The tightness in my chest had continued for 2 months which is abnormal for me, that's why I had her do more tests.)

ANA - Positive - 1:80
FSH - [B]1.1[/B] - Ref. Range (Males) .9 - 15.0 (low side)
LH - [B]4.3[/B] - Ref. Range (Males) 1.3 - 12.9 (low side)
Testosterone - [B]397.3[/B]
Testosterone Free - [B]75.1[/B] Ref. Range 47.0 - 255.0
IgE - [B]122.6[/B] Ref. Range 5- 158 (Normal)

[B]9/19/2004[/B] (Went to Dr. for low libido and some Gastro issues I was having, feeling same as described above really minus the chest tightness. Was on no medications at this time. After this I was put on Androgel and used it until the next blood test)

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel - Normal
CBC - Normal
Cholesterol [B]201[/B]
Triglycerides [B]415[/B]
HDL [B]32[/B]
LDL - Cannot compute
TSH - [B]3.3[/B]
H. Pylori - [B]1.0[/B] - Negative
Testosterone Total - [B]256[/B] ng/dL
Testosterone Free - [B]2.5%[/B]
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin - [B]15[/B] - Ref Range 13-71 nmol/L

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